The Center for Molecular Research is Contract Research Organization. It was founded for coordination of R&D laboratories of organic synthesis, analysis and technology of pharmaceutical substances.
        We research the isolation of substances from natural material and chemical modification of their structure. For the moment the main area of the specialization is seminatural products such as cholic acids derivatives. We also carry out complex synthetic projects in heterocyclic chemistry.
        Our staff is well experienced in synthesis, analysis, technology and purification.
        We can offer you the following products (please click to download the catalogue):

Seminatural Compounds pdf Heterocyclic Building Blocks pdf
Seminatural Compounds sdf Heterocyclic Building Blocks sdf

All compounds are well-characterised both by NMR and LCMS analysis. We guarantee at least 90% pure. Analytical data can be sent to customer upon request.
        We will be very happy to collaborate with you. Please send your request to our e-mail: cmrmail at